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Juniper Berry Vinegar

Taken From: Gourmet Cooking for Free


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A few juniper berries (Juniperus) tossed on the glowing coals of a barbecue fire just before you slap on those thick venison steaks will add a woodsy savor to the meat. These aromatic, cleanly astringent, berrylike fruits, used sparingly, will also do much for rabbit, duck, grouse, quail, and other game when used to flavor stuffings, marinades, and sauces. Dried, they keep indefinitely.
For a pleasantly perfumed vinegar to add to these latter two, drop a tablespoon of the small blue fruits into a quart of simmering cider vinegar, seal in a sterilized jar or bottle, label, and store in a cool dark sanctuary for at least a month before using.

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