Preparations & Procedures

Preservation of Game Meats and Fish

Food Safety Guidelines
Freezing Game Meats
Curing and Smoking Game
Drying or "Jerkying"
Corning Game
Canning Game
Making Sausage
Freezing, Pickling and Canning Fish
The Care of Game and Fish

"How To" Illustrated Procedures

Carving the Roast Goose or Duck
Breasting the Bird and Bringing the Bone
Boning the Duck for a Ballotine
Building the Terrine Maison
Forming the Noisettes of Salmon

Cooking with Planks

Julie Packard

The Case for Sustainable Seafood
by Julie Packard, Executive Director, The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Fish from the oceans were once viewed as an inexhaustible resource, able to fill nets and put food on our plates without limit for generations to come. But we’re rapidly proving the old adage wrong: In the face of human demands, there just aren’t enough fish in the sea. [more]

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These items were shipped to multiple distributors for further distribution.

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Defective wiring can cause a build-up of heat, posing a fire hazard.


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